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Growing your vision in 2024

Welcome to Bramshill Flowers!


I grow beautiful flowers here in a field in Rotherwick, North Hampshire.  All the flowers are grown outside in harmony with the natural environment and yes along side all the insects, snails, toads, frogs, moles and voles.  We have such great little eco system here it really works and all the plants are super healthy and we produce wonderful flowers for retail, as well as weddings and events.


I provide lots and lots of gorgeous blooms to couples who want to create their own arrangements but because I am a flower grower and a florist I can design and create your bouquets and buttonholes.


Please explore the website for more information or contact me and I will be happy to let you know what’s looking gorgeous now or what is coming up.


You can also follow me on Instagram for regular updates and ideas. 


I am a small business and grow a large variety of flowers but not acres of any one type of  flower.  However, I am planning to be your number one go-to supplier of the “icing on the cake” type flowers, the ones that are unique and special and will make your designs sing.


Flower Arrangers

I am growing everything you will need for fabulous arrangements, from fantastic focals to fancy fillers and fresh foliage.  All available in specially cut collections (buckets).


Flower Lovers

If you want to treat yourself to just one small bunch of flowers, give a beautiful gift bouquet or would like a regular delivery of seasonal bounty at its best, I will be growing it.


Eco Warriors 

All my flowers are grown with the natural environment in mind, so no pesticides or herbicides are used and I am continually striving to work in harmony with nature aiming to benefit the surrounding wildlife.

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