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Christmas Door Wreaths


All my Christmas Wreaths will be made to order this season. Using gorgeous textural foliage, pinecones, berries, hips and seed heads, they will have the look of the winter woodlands and hedgerows creating a naturally wild and welcoming decoration for your door.

Each wreath is unique and if you would like to send me a photo, I will customise the wreath to the style and colour of your front door.

Three sizes are available - Extra Large, Large & Small

If you would like to order one please fill in the contact form and I will send you a confirmation / invoice with payment and delivery details.

Extra Large Wreath

Approx. 50-60cm diameter and full of glossy, textural fresh greenery, decorated with seed heads, pinecones, dried flowers and berries.  Finished with a harmonising ribbon and a hanging loop.



Email to order

Large Wreath

Approx. 40-50cm and as above.


Wreath19 with ivy and roses.jpg

Email to order

Small Wreath

Approx. 30-40cm either full or half decorated depending on your choice. Finished with a hanging loop.


wreath18 with tartan ribbon.JPG
wreath18 half.JPG

Email to order


All wreaths are based on a willow ring dressed with hay and bound with twine.  This means that they are fully compostable and can be simply put on the compost heap when they are taken down.  However, they can also be placed under a hedge to slowly decompose or even hung in a tree to benefit the wildlife.  Alternatively, the willow and hay ring can be kept and reused the following year.

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